Balázs Varju Tóth

Balázs Varju Tóth, born in 1990, is a multimedia artist living and working in Budapest.  He is a Media Design student at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. Varju Tóth uses video and film as his preferred medium. Most recently he started focusing on installational art. Narrative based thinking is a fundamental characteristic of his works whether it is actual story telling or used for building the background of a piece, since he considers context as the most important component of any work. Recently, he has been also working on several short films as a cinematographer and script writer.

Artist statement
I've found the most exciting aspect of this building (10 Rumbach Sebestyén Street) to be that it was a passage-house. I consider this architectural concept, to connect two streets through a pathway across a tenement house, in effect opening a trail, very typical of the historicity of Pest. In my opinion this phenomena reflects a unique kind of community organizing role. While the passage was open to anybody the only people who knew about it were the ones living in the neighbourhood and they likely used it quite often, so between the actual community of the residents of the house and the pedestrians from the street a relationship had been formed and they merged into one bigger community. My intention was to visualize this hybrid of street and home life by adding a twist to a scene that is, in its basic elements, so very familiar to the people living in this district and easily comprehensible to everyone else, as well.

1st Assistant: Nikol Cibulya
Production Manager: Petronella Tóth
Cameraman: Attila Somos
Sound Recording: Márton Zátonyi
Costume: Rozália Nagy
Media Manager: Viktor Németh
Production Assistant: Sára Ozorai
Sound Mastering: Levente Udud, Rudolf Várhegyi
Men with broom: Lajos Tóth / László Quitt
Men with bicycle: Mario Adobati / Péter Pettendi Szabó
Gardening women: Andrea Kuczkó / Csilla Nárai
Women dusting rug: Zsuzsa Takács / Zsuzsanna Varju
Children: Virág Daniss / Anna Tóth, Marci Soós / Endi Tímár
Couples at the table: Nathalie Nicolai / Viola Bálint, Tamás Marosán / Bálint Eckhardt
Special Thanks:Katalin Naszódi, Andrea Kuczkó, Lajos Tóth, Tamás Marosán, Gabriella Oláh, Julcsi Lerch, Janka Pozsonyi, Anna Fignár, Rita Dupski


See the building: Passageways