Csaba Kalotas

Csaba Kalotás was born in 1982 and works as a composer and sound designer, specializing in film scores. He has composed and produced music for several award-winning feature films, documentaries, tv-series, short films, animations including the multiple award winning Black Brush/Fekete kefe (dir.: Roland Vranik) and the Berlinale 2014 selection Land of storms/Viharsarok (dir.: Adam Csaszi), in a way Hungary's Brokeback Mountain, shown at Northside Festival in 2015 in Brooklyn to a deeply moved and appreciative full house. His best known US engagement was as composer for The Cage Door is always open - A Paul Bowles documentary (2012, dir.:Daniel Young).

Artist Statement
I love travelling and I love the part of it when I return home to Budapest. This city inspires me a lot. I was extremely happy when I was asked to compose a piece for this particular part of my hometown. It would be irrelevant ponderit to much, to dream up an overarching thought or concept that could be gleaned behind this music.  It just "means" the inner city of Budapest for me, personally.