'Eva Szombat

'Eva Szombat was born in 1987, Kaposvár. She works as a photographer in Budapest, Hungary and holds a master's degree in Photography from Moholy-Nagy University  (2012). During her university years, she also studied in Paris at the ESAG Penninghen (2009) with a European student mobility grant. The notoriously bizarre details of Éva Szombat’s images represent the unusual aspects of both the human condition and the grotesque traces of wild nature which inhabits our lives. Being entertaining and thrilling is always the main focus for Éva. She is a noted member of a new generation of visual artists in Hungary who are willing to make fun of themselves by admitting to being born into a digitized and perhaps disenchanted world which yields an ironic but deep down deeply reverential approach to art as a form of action.

Artist Statement
The buildings in Budapest have a multi-layered past, every fashionable store, coffee shop, bar, or restaurant has hundreds of years of history behind it. My intention with these images was to compress the past, to have today and yesterday, the interior and exterior in a single dimension. The photos were not doctored to receive their frames, I have personally, physically propped them up against their backround. The frames, sometimes consisting of props, always highlights a characteristic attribute of a building, and always has a connection to these houses.