Levente Csordás

Levente Csordás was born in 1985 and graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) in 2013. His main focus is on drawing and the transformative potential of creating replicas that transcend the referenced object. An applied graphic artist by day, his artistic passion is reinventing the old 2d medium of static graphics by experimenting with the transformative potential of drawing and illustration.

Csordás has worked in collaboration with The Airplan Studio. This Budapest based production house has been creating exceptional digital content and animation since the company launched in 2014. They are passionate about graphic design and illustration driven motion pictures. Miklós Mendrei a.k.a Kickass Factory is primarily an animation director and designer and also the beatmaker of Bupino, a hip-hop formation. He graduated from MOME in 2008 as an animation director and he has worked on freelance projects internationally since then.

Artist statement
This animated video is a collaboration between Levente Csordás, graphic artist, Miklós Mendrei, animation filmmaker and director, and The Airplan Studio. The basis of the film is a pack of drawings that shows the different stages of the metamorphosis of the once existing Orczy-house, the gate of the Jewish Quarter turning into the Madách house the name it is know by today. The different pieces are investigating the various functions that the one time Orczy, today's Madách House has held. The graphics were animated and brought to life by Miklós Mendrei and the Airplan Studio.


Levente Csordás

The Airplan Studio

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