Márton Szirmai

Márton Szirmai was born in 1977 in Hungary. He works as a freelance director and editor for different productions, tv-channels, while he is also holds an econ degree. He usually tries to find unique forms for the content of a work by transgressing boundaries of representations and genre. This drive has led him to experiment with documentaries, animations, short fiction as well as musical film. His short Tripe and Onions was featured in almost 100 festival garnering no less then 15 awards, including best short, audience prizes, best short director and others including major forums such as the Valladolid,Triest, Sarajevo and Perugia Festivals.

Artist Statement

This documentary video unfolds the story of Kisüzem a bar, café, club in the heart of the Jewish Quarter. With my film I wanted to show what I mostly like about this place, that it cannot be labelled simply as a bar, as it is the origo of a local volunteer program called "Heti Betevő" (Weekly Portion), that helps the people in need from around the neighborhood with food every Sunday. Kisüzem is not only a pioneer in social initiatives, but also in art projects, bringing people together each day.


See the building: Kisüzem Bar