Mátyás Csiszár

Mátyás Csiszár was born in 1987. He is a creative technologist/media designer living and working in Budapest. He runs a small media entity called Meet Lab. Csiszar’s artistic practice and research deals with the potential of making audiences reflect on the rules and regularities of their sociophysical environment through exploring the functions and forms which objects carry. Through challenging objects, the individual is asked to reflect on her ability to exercise control over the everyday processes structuring life. Technological systems, urban spaces and economic interests can, potentially, corall the individual, limiting the options to shape personal logics of living. Apart from influencing his visual art work, Csiszár simultaneously pursues these questions in writing, art books (Struct.Zine, Basik Knowledge) and working with urban studies and visual arts hubs such as Trafó and the Rober Capa Center, inter alia.

Artist statement
The work is a silent loop constructed out of atmospheric takes about life situations. There is no story told as such, instead the location and the street come alive in a non-narrative fashion through recurring, characteristic instances and occurrences. The form is that of the Cinemagraph, to help highlight all-important details. The technology, straddling the gap between still and motion photography permits focus in the significant in the permanent and the recurrent, which is the chief goal of the work.


See the building: LUMEN Grocery