Milán Kopasz

Milán Kopasz was born in 1986. At present he is active as an animated filmmaker in Budapest. He holds a masters diploma in film animation from the Moholy-Nagy University in Budapest. Despite his relative youth, his work featured as selections at several festival. His Polyhedron Blues won best applied animation at KAFF, the well-known animation film festival in Europe. That same year he was also awarded the George Pal Award at Primanima, the international festival for first animated films. He went on to win a second award at KAFF in 2015 in the category best student film. Currently, his latest work titled Beyond is travelling the international festival circuit. His trademark techniques are stop motion and puppetoons, yielding works characterized by simultaneous experimentation with the role of narration and technique.

Artist Statement
The building at 41 Kazinczy Street has always been tied to food and eating. I therefore decided to explore the changes and shifts that raw materials undergo as they make their progression to becoming meals. The metapmorphosis is presented in a playful manner, referencing the folk tale about the stone soup - the name of the restaurant currently in the bulding. I am using stop motion to suggest that inert objects can come alive as a cook processes them.


See the building: Kőleves Restaurant