Tom Lantos Institute

The Tom Lantos Institute (TLI) is an independent human and minority rights organisation with a particular focus on Jewish, Roma and Hungarian communities and other ethnic or national, linguistic and religious minorities. It is a Budapest-based organisation with a multi-party Board, an international Executive Committee and Advisory Board. TLI operates internationally in terms of scope, funds, staff and partners. As a research and education platform, TLI aims to bridge the gaps between research and policy, norms and practice.

TLI locates itself at the intersection of human rights and identity politics. While appreciating the importance of legal perspectives and remedies to violations, it investigates through multidisciplinary approaches the problem-solving capacity of existing national and international norms. TLI’s principal strategic goal is the socialisation of human and minority rights through research, education, public debates, publishing, and memorialisation.

TLI focuses on three distinct issue areas. These include: Jewish life and antisemitism; Roma rights and citizenship; and human and minority rights with a special focus on Hungarian minorities. TLI identifies and explores issues and undertakes activities that are both specific and common to these fields looking to create synergies whenever feasible.